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And now is time for the last cycle students. They have made photographs about a story invented by themselves. Finally have modified images  using  Photoplus4 programme.This is the result. They are very  good artists.

A funny day.

One day in art class we went to make us photos in different positions and with different meanings:
- First we made a tower to simulate Capurutxo.
- We made a circle in the playground in honor of Spain who   won the World Cup.

- We lead in the fence to look at the playground.
- We went to the garden and we helped Edgar to go out through the hole a thief made to come into the school.

- We rode on the back of our friends for a cockfight.
- We went to kindergarten and we got on the slide all together.

- We went to the ramp and Tania went out with Alba making funny faces.
- In Primary ramp we make a queue.
- It was a funny day.

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My school.

This is the entrance to my school.
Here we move the body, we run, we make compositions like this flower, we play English chick, and follow a circuit.
We meet us often and play, we roll around, we do racing bikes with the wheels and rest before entering.
We are a pyramid of knowledge and we think about the future and we join together to move forward.

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A happy family

Once upon a time a very happy family.
There was a lot of time the family had beensaving to buy a very good car. When someone gave it to them, they feel a big emotion that they entered
into a field.The family decided to look for the car and looking for it, one of them tripped, the other one tried to catch him, buthe slipped, until the last one of them got to pick him.
To celebrate it, they went to pick berries and then they recovered the car.


Vampire’s attak
Once upon a time three sisters named Lara, Ana and Rosa. One day they were in the bathroom “to go on party” and looked into the mirror, but they didn’t reflected.
Lara says to Ana: Ana can not see. And Ana answered:
Lara I know it. They went out and saw a mysterious doorand entered.
Suddenly they hide themselves among the trees because they listened some soundsand then they saw vampires in a magic circle, to turn normal children into new vampires.
Arantxa, the queen of the vampires, realised that someone was there, she ordered to find them and then turned them into vampires.


Modified photos.

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