viernes, 8 de febrero de 2013


The carnival has arrived!!!

In the three primary cycles, we have worked the masks.

·        In the first cycle, we have made cardboard masks with ornaments. See the works:
MASK on PhotoPeach

MASK 1st on PhotoPeach

MASK 2nd on PhotoPeach

·        In the second cycle we have made animals mask with "goma-eva" material. This is the result:
MASK 2 on PhotoPeach
MASK 3rd on PhotoPeach 
MASK 4th on PhotoPeach

·        And in the third cycle, we have made plaster masks Look at the process, do you like them? It's awesome!

PLASTER MASK on PhotoPeach

MASK 5th on PhotoPeach
MASK 6th on PhotoPeach

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